Kaiwaka Stormforce Ladies’ Overtrousers

£132.50 £159.00 inc. VAT

Shaped specially for woman the Ladies Stormforce is the ultimate ‘womans’ wet weather gear, fabrics chosen provide the optimum balance between water and wind resistance, durability and comfort. These garments are double lined with both outer and inner linings 100% waterproof, wind resistance but still fully breathable. The breathable fabric allows moisture to be drawn away from the inside as well as the outside making a comfortable experience regardless of the weather condition.
• Elastic / Webbing waistband with non slip stop lock fastener.
• Two lined hip pockets.
• Pockets reinforced in each corner for extra strength.
• Cut away heel prevents trouser leg from getting caught under the heel of your boots.
• Lining ? 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.
• All seams seamsealed making them 100% waterproof.


Size X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, 2X Large, 3X Large


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