Lister Nexus Sensor Motor

£575.00 £690.00 inc. VAT

· Advanced protection with an electronic safety sensor

· Optional drive speeds of 2800rpm, 3200rpm and 3500rpm

· Low starting current of 7 amps, allowing for either mains or generator power

· Heavy duty, robust design with impact resistant moulded casing

· Fitted with a rubber foot for stability and easy transportation



The new Nexus Sensor was expertly engineered to ensure power and user safety. It’s new built in electronic current sensor, protects the user and prevents handpiece lock-ups by automatically stopping the machine if the handpiece hits an obstruction in the wool. The Nexus Sensor is also fitted with the latest Quick Release technology, allowing for rapid drive attachment or release from the unit. Lightweight yet reliable, the Nexus Sensor is ideal for both agricultural use and professional shearing.


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